A home in the mountains means experiencing regional traditions.

All chalets include:

  • Natural wood flooring, staircase and ceiling beams.

  • Our furniture is handmade by local craftsmen.

  • Wood creates a friendly and warm atmosphere.

  • Plenty of daylight in all rooms.

  • Natural landscape. A stunning green meadow at your doorstep; and a cross-country trail in the winter.

  • No more cold feet with underfloor heating.

  • Spacious bathrooms with adventure showers.

  • A cozy fireplace.

  • Stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

  • Fully integrated kitchen with all modern appliances; steam cooker for healthy meals, Nespresso coffee machine, pans, pots and quality cutlery.

Each chalet also has unique features. How they differ:

  • Number of bedrooms.

  • Kitchen and bathroom size.

  • The type of wood used (pine wood, oak, etc.).

  • The interior color design.

  • Lamps and lighting.

  • Sauna style and size.

All our guests will have a relaxing stay and a particularly soothing sleep, because our nights are a perfect cool temperature.